Choreography  : Gerard Mosterd
Costume  : Norah Grace
Light  : Gerard Mosterd, Roland Van Meel
Music  : John Duncan, Bali Lullaby
Improvised Gamelan       :    Irena, Vojtech Havlovi
Performed by  :  Shintaro O-Ue, Ming Wei Poon
Length  :  30 Minutes
World  Première  : 13th of June 2000 at the Bintang Theatre, Pasar Malam Besar, The Hague, Netherlands
Performances  : And in Dartmouth in 2004 and Malaysia-Indonesia tour in 2005

Blown by the wind in between two cultures.  ‘Angin', a piece where elements of Western and Asian dance merge into a new contemporary vocabulary. Try-out version performed by Gerard Mosterd at Loss Danswerkplaats, Maastricht.