Stretching Time/ Jam Karet

Stretching Time/ Jam Karet
Choreography :   Gerard Mosterd
Dramaturgy : Inez Van Donselaar
Art Design  : Wilhelmus Vlug
Music : Paul Goodman
Performed in : The Hague (Bintang Theatre, Pasar Malam Besar), Wageningen (Theater Wereld), Amersfoort (Theater De Lieve Vrouw)
at the 7th Indonesian Dance  Festival in Jakarta (TIM, Graha Bhakti)
Performed by : Wendel Spier and Miguel Plukkel/ Rodriguez
Length 55 Minutes

Stretching Time is a dance piece created around the South East Asian phenomenon of " Jam Karet" (Rubber Time). The perception of time knows a different perspective in the tropics in contrast with and compared to our own highly time oriented and valued western society. A hilarious duet between a man and a woman.  Participation of STRETCHING TIME/Jam Karet in the Indonesian Dance Festival 2004 made possible through generous support of CORDAID and Gravin van Bylandtfonds, the Netherlands.