Ketuk Tilu [Revised]

Ketuk Tilu Revised
Choreography :   Gerard Mosterd
Dramaturgy : Vera de Vlieger
Text : Alfred Birney (In French, English or Dutch/Indonesian)
Video : Christian Chierego
Animation : David Hartono
Music : Gugum Gumbira Tirasondaja/Jugala Orchestra, Raster-Notone and Random_Inc
Dancers : Wendel Spier, Winston Arnon, Laura Witzleben, Julia Mitomi  
Performances : Tong Tong Fair, Bintang Theatre
21 May 2008  -  at 12:30
24 May 2008  -  at 15:45
29 May 2008  -  at 13:00
Length : Approx. 40 minutes

This 40 minute dynamic, colourful and poetic multimedia physical theatre deals with the Indonesian underground phenomenon of Jaipongan, a dance and music form currently listed in Indonesia to become illegal because of its alleged obscene/erotic image. Conceived in the 60’s as the Indonesian answer to Western Rock and Roll which was at the time forbidden by presidential decree. Jaipongan intended to break the traditional South East Asian code in the performing arts which was build upon the two dimensional shadowplay.