Ibu Bhumi

Ibu Bhumi - Theatre Achterom - Hilversum, 02 Apr 2009
Concept :   Gerard Mosterd
Choreography Gerard Mosterd, Benny Krisnawardi 
Dramaturgy : Vera de Vlieger 
Lighting Design Peter Thonen 
Music Paul Goodman 
Video : Christian Chierego
Performed by : Benny Krisnawardi, Maria Bernadeta Aprianti and Bayu Limawan Hananto,
Student Performers: Josien Bartstra, Iris Hessing and Desiree Stoelinga

Ibu Bhumi is a sequel to the successful 'Paradise....a Woman?' of 2007 shown in over forty Dutch theatres. In the inter-disciplinary presentation Ibu Bhumi, Gerard Mosterd is working together with the renowned Indonesian Silat expert and choreographer Benny Krisnawardi. Dancers from different perspectives present the matriachal structured society of the Minangkabau, a people of Sumatra.To this end they use pentjak silat (actually a Sumatran variant of this: minang silek) and contemporary movement idioms which also seek to incorporate the world of the Dutch younger generation. Included in Ibu Bhumi is an eduational aspect and the possibility of a presentation or workshop related post performance discussion.