Unfolding - Nov 2009

Julia Mitomi - Unfolding Nov 2009
Concept/Choreography  :   Gerard Mosterd
Music : Paul Goodman
Light : Roland van Meel
Live Video : Christian Chierego
Photography  Chérie Goewie
Danced by : Julia Mitomi (2008 Finalist - So You Think You Can Dance?)
Production : Kantorpos.nl



4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
28 November 2009
13:130 and 15:00 WET



Dutch-Indonesian Exhibition 'Beyond the Dutch'
29 December 2009
14:00 WET

An organism as a closed, scrolled leave - in the beginning there is sound and there are traces of light- slowly exploring the ground. Carefully awakening, abruptly the arms unfold as wings in the air. Groping, searching, exploration of the surrounding space.

Gerard Mosterd creates interdisciplinary, physical performances. He examines the contrasts and similarities between the European and Asian body and its movements and places the results of these processes within frameworks related to current, literary and autobiographical, Indo-European topics. His productions are being performed annually throughout the Netherlands as well as in Asia. The Erasmus Huis supported several tours of his work including a collaboration project with Gumarang Sakti in 2007 which included the execution of around 60 workshops and performances worldwide. Unfolding was a commissioned work for Artgarden 2003 and the Dutch Electronic Music Festival, Hidden Planet, Amsterdam in 2004 and has since its conception been performed successfully worldwide by several casts.