Interdisciplinary Project, Gamelan & Jazz

Interdisciplinary Project, Gamelan & Jazz
Concept - Choreography :   Gerard Mosterd
Concept Assistant : Karolien de Pauw
Co-Choreography : Ricardo Ambrozio (Ultima vez) and Julia Mitomi
Photography : Karolien de Pauw, Chérie Goewie
Live Music : Boi Akih
Live Video : Morgana Machado Marques
Technique : Roland van Meel
Dance by : Joana Schwing, Ricardo Ambrozio, Blazej Jasinski
Performances : Tong Tong Fair, Bintang Theatre
    20th of May - 20:15  &  27th of May - 14:45
Made possible by Casema Cultuurfonds

In Gamelan & Jazz (preliminary title), the theatre maker Gerard Mosterd works with the contrast between Asiatic ritual, cyclical musical forms and the individualistic improvisation techniques of the phenomenon Jazz. During the Tong Tong Festival he will give two presentations of an interdisciplinary production in progress.  The end result, a full evening’s collaboration with the intriguing music of Boi Akih, is expected in 2011 to go on an international tour. Without making any explicit use of traditional music and dance techniques but while suggesting them his productions in their own idiosyncratic way explore European-Asiatic subject matter and transform them into theatre.

Gerard Mosterd works regularly in Asia and in the Netherlands, where he makes cross-over, physical theatre productions which annually tour Dutch and Asiatic theatres. In 1999 he introduced for the first time modern dance theatre at the Tong Tong Fair (previously Pasar Malam Besar). Gamelan & Jazz is the ninth production which he will show at this well attended Euro-Asiatic festival.