Since early 2009, the works of Gerard Mosterd released under a new name: Kantor Pos. Kantor Pos in coming years will formulate projects and works in which international cooperation and exchange are central. The focus is on Asia and in particular in Indonesia. For the name Kantor Pos is included because of its associations with international contacts, with 'send' and 'receive'. These concepts save both the activities within an international post as an international theater.

On Sunday, May 3, 2009 Gerard Mosterd and the Indonesian dancer/choreographer Benny Krisnawardi will give a demonstration in the Indonesian defense minang silat art, art which inspired the show of Ibu Bhumi. The demonstration will take place in Arnhem Bronbeek museum as part of an afternoon around traditional Indonesian martial art. Lunchtime is from 12.00 am to 17.00 pm and admission is € 22.50 including buffet. Book at Mrs. Bosman, telephone 026 3763578 (Mon /Tue/Thu). Museum Bronbeek manage the heritage of the Royal Dutch East Indian Army (KNIL) and has a large collection of traditional and ethnographic objects from five weapons from the former Dutch East Indies.

Kantor Pos is pleased to confirm that from January 2009 onwards Kantor Pos, The Netherlands and EKI, Indonesia are joining forces in the performing arts. Their close collaboration will come to effect in artistic and productional mutual exchange and collaborations.