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Ballet Manila



Envisioned as a ballet company by the dancers, of the dancers and for the dancers, dance training and education rank among the foremost priorities of the group. Most of its present soloists and members have had professional training exclusively with BM, under the watchful eyes of Macuja-Elizalde and ballet master Osias Barroso, who have drilled the company in the highly-rigorous Russian (Vaganova) method of classical ballet..... read more

Sen Hea Ha



Sen Hea Ha’s work has always been embedded in the spiritual, the unknown, the mysterious, yet connecting it to the present, physical and the real world in which we live in. She is a dancer and choreographer whose movement come from within, having an inner spirit that goes beyond any possible verbal description with a vision as fresh, pure and dedicated as presented in her distilled yet compelling power of dance..... read more