Concept - Artistic Direction : Sen Hea Ha
Choreography - Costume  :    Sen Hea Ha (in collaboration with dancers)
Ass. Choreography : Cahwati
Photography : Flendy
Dancers : Agus Margiyanto, Cahwati, Luluk Ari Prasetyo, Wahyu Bayu Prasetyan, Susilo & Sen Hea Ha
Music : György Ligeti
Etudes pour piano premier livre (1985)
Etudes pour piano deuxieme livre (1988 – 1994)
Etudes pour piano extrait du Troisieme livre (1995)
Musica ricercata for piano
Length : 1 hour & 15 mins


Infinitâ means “no limit, continue, together”. Moving together, expressing a hope which to be aimed through the dance. Infinitâ is a searching process in togetherness, not only to find new expression but also more to search a process itself.  Infinitâ tries to communicate Javanese and Korean Traditions through Europe music. To bridge between Java dance and Europe music. Harmonization is the most essential and valuable result.  Individual expression is the result of the together process. Through Infinitâ we hope audience will be able to experience the spirit from Javanese great heritege and its dance expressions through Ligeti’s Music.

Sen Hea Ha’s note:

Music is listened and visually shown through dance. The aim of  Infinitâ is to be harmonized. György Ligeti, a friend who gave me permission to visualize his music through my dance. It became my life-project. I danced “Piano Études” as his wished. And now I have been collaborating with Java dancers, because there are many Java tradition aspects that much response to Ligeti's music. Ligeti is a special person in my life, who has made me to be an artist. I hope to continue create a new dance expression and find a new media with all of his music.

“...I could see Sen Hea Ha’s phenomenal gift, perfect techniques, and expressivity choreographic phantasy. She is one of the very few leading dancers and choreographers today. Based on perfect body control, her dance reaches a high degree of spirituality... I will put Sen Hea Ha’s production from my music top of all which I have seen. Her dance realizations on my music corresponded exactly with the idea and spirit of my pieces.” -Gyorgy Ligeti (10. 12. 2001)-

“ …as if they have always been one: Ligeti's music and Javanese dance… Not only an unbelievable poetry arises from the complicity between dance and music, she (Sen Hea Ha) also moves the usually secret message of Asian dance to a European audience's conceivable and close nearness …” Tiroler Tageszeitung - 2007

[Part I]

Cordes a vide
En suspens
For Irina
Der Zauberlehrling
L'escalier du diable
Allegro con spirito
Vivace, Capriccioso

------- Intermission (15 minutes)--------

[Part II ]

Andante misurato e tranquillo
Touches bloquées
Autome à Varsovie
Cantabile, molto legato
White on white
Arc-en-ciel (Piano & Sen hea solo)
Autome a Varsovie